By remboltludtke

Tim Clare — a man interconnected

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Check out the intersections of power, authority and influence in Lincoln and you may find Tim Clare there.

Private sector, public sector.

University, city, community, political.

Husker football.

Clare is positioned, networked, connected.

He’s a University of Nebraska regent, the only non-city-government member of the three-person board overseeing construction of Lincoln’s new sports and entertainment arena, an active Republican and private sector-connected, especially with the banking and insurance industries because of his law practice.

Clare is an attorney whose practice centers on estate planning and business succession planning and, although he won’t talk about it, a review of public record documents indicates his clients include an exotic mixture of several of Lincoln’s $365 million lottery jackpot winners in 2006, a pitcher named Joba and a man named Suh.

If all that isn’t enough to keep him on the go, try to imagine a household with four high school students and one college senior.

No wonder Clare is up at 4:30 a.m. to launch another day.