By remboltludtke

Taxi companies want same city rules to apply to ride-share drivers

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Rembolt Ludtke attorney Andy Pollock was recently quoted in the Lincoln Journal Star and U.S. News for his representation of Lincoln taxi companies. Pollock went before the Lincoln City Council concerning a proposed amendment to an ordinance requiring taxi drivers to have background checks and undergo physicals.

The current ordinance requires these of taxi drivers, but has gone unenforced for drivers of ride-share companies, such as Uber and Lyft. The proposed ordinance would eliminate the requirements for ride-share drivers, but leave them in place for traditional cab drivers.

Pollock argues that the requirements should apply to all drivers of cabs and ride-shares, “This ordinance is an important tool, reinforcing the company’s belief that public safety is paramount.”

The council will consider the proposed ordinance change at its October 16, 2017 meeting.