By remboltludtke

Summer Associate Spotlight: Lily Ealey

Posted in Government and Lobbying, Lincoln Office, Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Each summer Rembolt Ludtke welcomes Summer Associates — more commonly known as law clerks — to the firm in order for these talented people to gain more insight to a legal career.

Lily L. Ealey — one of our Summer Associates — began her pursuit of a career in the fields of biology and medicine at Hastings College. After an internship in a children’s hospital in Nepal, Lily discovered what she loved about that work was not in the science. When she returned to Lincoln, she worked as an intern at a couple law offices, and decided to switch to a career in the legal field, which ultimately brought her to Rembolt Ludtke.

When Lily started her summer at Rembolt Ludtke, her interests were primarily on child law and juvenile defense. Throughout the summer, however, she has had exposure to personal injury and lobby work, and has felt those areas of the law have broadened her horizons.

Lily recounts:

What I’ve enjoyed most about my experience at Rembolt Ludtke is that we get exposed to such a variety of aspects of the law. As clerks we don’t just do research and drafting, although those are important skills to learn, but we’ve had the opportunity to go to hearings, conferences and mediations.

For example, one of my favorite projects this summer was for Andy Pollock, where I did candidate research for him regarding the Primary Elections in Nebraska. I was then able to attend a hearing with Andy regarding issues involving some of the same clients and candidates. It was fun to be involved in a project from start to finish and see the work that goes into lobbying. I would definitely say I have a much greater interest in lobbying and government relations after working with Andy during my time at Rembolt Ludtke.

Responding to Lily’s interests in lobbying, Andy Pollock said:

For summer associates with an interest in government, politics, and policy, Rembolt Ludtke offers unique opportunities. Every two years, we participate in interviews of numerous candidates for the Nebraska Legislature. To prepare for those interviews, it’s important to understand the background of each candidate, and after the interviews, we report to our clients about the entire field of candidates.

Lily Ealey did the bulk of the research on all candidates for the Nebraska Legislature following the May Primary Election. I’m pleased she enjoyed the work because it’s important to our clients to have insight on that candidates vying to be tomorrow’s policy-makers. Lily prepared the final reports to clients, as well, and the reports were top notch. Not only were they complete and informative, but Lily hunted down photographs of each candidates, so our clients are able to connect a face with the names that will appear on the November ballot.

My objective in working with summer associates is to give them opportunity to dig into interesting work that is important for our clients, and I like to make sure the clients know who’s done the work. My hope is that it gives law students an enjoyable experience in the real world they’re about to enter.

Our firm considers training future attorneys through the Summer Associate program to be one of the most valuable contributions we can make to our community. We are delighted to bring in students of the law, give them real-world experience with real cases, and help them find the practice areas where they will leave their mark for the future.