By remboltludtke

Nick Paden Joins Rembolt Ludtke as Assistant Director of Government Relations

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Nick Paden recently joined Rembolt Ludtke as Assistant Director of Government Relations, a new role within the firm. Nick brings an accomplished record of service before the Nebraska Legislature and Public Service Commission, as well as an excellent reputation of professionalism and integrity. Nick began to build his expertise in government in 2002, when he worked for the Nebraska Legislature’s General Affairs Committee. He has since served the needs to clients in several industries with a special emphasis in the communications and infrastructure.

As Assistant Director of Government Relations, Nick advocates on behalf of clients at the Nebraska Legislature and state administrative bodies. He has forged solid relationships with Senators, officials in the Executive branch, and other government affairs specialists that enable him to work through political minefields to effectively advocate for our clients’ interests. Every day he meets with elected officials and their staff to help them understand not only our clients’ needs, but their businesses and the important role they play in Nebraska’s economy and communities. He reviews legislation, negotiates with other companies and interest groups, and assists Andy Pollock in developing strategies to advance policies that promote our clients’ interests.

“Before Nick joined Rembolt Ludtke, I had the privilege of working side-by-side with him in advocating for reforming the structure for funding communications systems across the state. We were both representing rural Nebraska telecommunications companies that had the common goal of ensuring that their customers have access to high-speed internet services,” says Andy Pollock. “Nick has a unique talent for diplomatic and effective advocacy on complex issues, like the economics of rural telecommunications service. We’re fortunate to have him as part of the Rembolt Ludtke team.”

Rembolt Ludtke’s partners, attorneys, and staff offer a warm welcome to Nick, his wife Cari, and their family.