By remboltludtke

City Council approves water, sewer line project

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The North Platte Telegraph:

Tuesday night’s North Platte City Council meeting ended after 10 minutes as members quickly disposed of an agenda dominated by utility projects on the south side of the city.

A single 7-0 “consent agenda” vote awarded a $476,434 bid to extend water and sewer lines to serve a proposed hotel near the D&N Event Center and a separate $1.97 million bid to eliminate the need for a sanitary sewer “lift station” at Iron Eagle Golf Course.

Beveridge Inc. of North Platte submitted the low bid for the project near the D&N, which will not only enable the hotel’s development but also attack drainage problems that flood the event center’s parking lot during heavy rains.

The Iron Eagle project was awarded to Myers Construction of Broken Bow, which submitted the low bid at $2.2 million and then agreed to the $1.97 million figure after negotiations with city officials.