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Bike to Work Day Spotlight: Mark Richardson

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I’m not much for biking in general. My preferred mode of exercise is running. I try to get out for a run several times a week and enter the occasional 5K, 10K, or half-marathon.

I was an avid runner in high school and college, but we’ve had two kids the last three years and I did a poor job keeping up with my running (and exercise generally) during that time. Now that my oldest is 3, he joined a local kids track club and loves it. My wife and I have also become much more active in the past six months, including being scheduled to run the Sandhills Half-Marathon near Valentine in June.

Since “reactivating” in the past several months, there has been a noticeable improvement in our energy-levels and overall enjoyment every day. Raising active kids at a young age has always been an important goal for us. If we don’t do it ourselves, it’s hard to think we’ll be successful getting them to do the same.

Mark Richardson, Attorney at Rembolt Ludtke

Bike to Work Day 2017 is tomorrow, May 19. While the event does have Bike in the name, Mark reminds us that the goal is to find an active way to get to work, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be on a bike. Running or walking to work are other great ways of being active and raising your energy levels.

Mark also makes a great point about setting an example for the next generation. All the proceeds from Bike to Work Day will be donated to Lincoln Bike Kitchen. One of the services Lincoln Bike Kitchen provides for the next generation is Free Wheels for Kids, a program that allows you to donate a used child’s bike and receive a reconditioned one in exchange. Lincoln Bike Kitchen will then fix and polish the donated bike up for someone else.

We’re proud to partner with UNICO Group this year for Bike to Work Day, and to benefit an organization like Lincoln Bike Kitchen to make a lasting impact in our community.