By remboltludtke

Bike to Work Day Spotlight: Halley Kruse

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I live downtown, so I try to walk to work most days because it makes my commute so much more enjoyable. Even though it takes longer to walk, I get to take in the fresh air and stretch my legs, rather than be frustrated by traffic. So participating in Bike to Work Day was the obvious thing to do for me and, unlike most of my colleagues, it will actually shorten my commute — from 20 minutes to 5 minutes!

Halley Kruse, Attorney at Rembolt Ludtke

If you looked out at the light rain this morning while preparing for work, biking probably didn’t seem like the obvious choice in that moment. We hope you stuck with it, and enjoyed the cool ride through the mist. Whether or not biking shortened your commute to work, we hope it will shorten your commute to Boiler Brewing Company at 5:00 today for our Bike to Work Day celebration with UNICO Group!