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2016 Water Symposium & Law Conference

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This year’s Water Symposium & Law Conference is happening on October 20th and 21st

The conference is designed to address current legal issues in the water law arena that impact Nebraska.  A number of recent national events (California drought; Flint, MI water quality) serve as discussion topics for related water quantity and quality issues in Nebraska.  The conference also takes a look at property rights issues involving water rights, as recent litigation and initiatives like water marketing in Nebraska tee up the discussion.

Rembolt lawyer David Bargen will be co-hosting it this year with UNL Law Prof. Anthony Schutz.

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Nebraska Water Symposium
Thursday, October 20th

Managing an Essential Resource… Basin by Basin

On Thursday, panels will discuss what basin groups have concluded about state water policy and goals, objectives and problem areas in each basin.

Among the problems experienced in water management and planning for each of the state’s major river basins will be water supply, political structures, past management and development characteristics and other topics.

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Nebraska Water Law Conference
Friday, October 21st

The latest in Nebraska water law for attorneys and water professionals (open to all)

On Friday, NWC and the University of Nebraska College of Law present the Nebraska water law conference featuring the latest in Nebraska water law for attorneys, water professionals and others.

Organizer Anthony Schutz of the Law College opens with sessions on Water Law 101 and updates in current water law.

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